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The Simple Blog was created to motivate others to lead an intentional life through narrative storytelling, recipes, projects and tips. Stories are what inspire people to see a place, person or situation differently. There is nothing more important to us than getting the words out, expressing ourselves through textual and visual media. We are not experts in food, or in travel, or in beauty, or in relationships. We are Taylor and Andie, childhood best friends and creatives who  are simply sharing what we love in the hopes that others will find value in a community that connects travellers, explorers, dreamers, visionaries, storytellers and the like.

Meet the Bloggers



Hey all! My name is Taylor, and I’m an average university student who leads a rather “simple” life compared to most people my age. By simple, I mean I rarely do social things, ever. From attending classes, to working (almost) full-time at Lush creating magical bubble bars, I seem to make time for some interesting aspects of my life enough to create a blog with someone so dear to me, Andie. I have a lovely boyfriend and 2 cats that we constantly love (and feed) called Jonsi and Jarvis. I take an interest in things that my mom tends to like, maybe that’s why I get along with her so well. Those things include, home renovations, DIYs, food/cooking, art, and music. Surprisingly, I have also discovered some other interests along the way such as makeup, and fashion. Overall, I am an introverted person, who, on paper, does not have a whole lot, but every bit of everything I have and experience, I cherish for life (mostly because of my strangely good memory). I’m excited to share my life online, and to use this as a creative outlet to express the quirks and perks of my life!



Hey, it’s Andie! I'm tall, outgoing and sometimes a little nerdy. I used to run the successful travel blog No Money, Will Travel, which chronicled my solo backpacking adventures. A full-time student and part-time dreamer, I used my blog to document my travels and prove to the world and myself that I could do anything, even on a student budget! Where am I now? Well, if I'm not on campus studying or on duty at the athletic club, you can usually find me eating ice-cream out of the tub, and snuggling up with my boyfriend on the king-sized mattress that takes up the entire room. Besides being the place I sleep, it's also where I spend most of my time reading classics, writing novels, winning debates, and playing board games with my incredibly competitive friends. So, you see, I am no longer a solo female traveller who books plane tickets to confirm her Escape. Today, I’m a passionate and partnered female traveller whose story is not quite over. Follow me on Instagram @thesimple_blog